Monthly Archives: February 2016

Thoughts around the Deadpool movie

So for those of you who may have missed it, a film based on a marvel comics was released about a week or so ago. A film that has an R rating for strong language, violence, and graphic nudity. And for some reason people have been surprised and offended when an R rated film (which […]

Please, Don’t Forget

This is something I wrote after spending a day with a friend a couple of years ago – and something I still feel and pray about to this day. “Please, Don’t Forget: Back around the time we were 15; 02 I think I met you outta nowhere, in a situation where I coulda missed ya […]

Something to think over

Yesterday while I was walking to work, I was listening to a session from the Elephant Room (something I often do when I have a long walk ahead of me). As I was listening to this session for what is probably the 150th time, for some reason or another a specific comment Mark Driscoll posed […]