Monthly Archives: June 2016

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

I’m sure by this point you’re all aware of the tragedy that went down in Orlando last sunday – and my first and foremost hope is that your prayers have been with the families and the souls of those who were lost. This week, like many others (which has happened all too often recently) I’ve […]

A Chat With Cameron Butryn

This past week I had the chance to (over facebook messenger – we live in an easy to contact age) chat with an old buddy of mine. He’s someone who I’ve known for ages,  hes’s a guy whose brain I like to pick, and quite frankly he’s a brother in Christ who inspired me to […]

I have a list

Today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one. It’s just something I find helpful for my walk with the Lord – and so it’s something I want to share with you and hope will be beneficial to your walk. So I have a list. The list of people and things that I […]