Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Lego Batman movie is one of the best Bat-movies (and an announcement)

Today’s short post is inspired by last weeks. I mentioned in last weeks post that “the Lego Batman movie is perfect”, and I stand by that. Not only is it perfect, I’d say it’s one of the best Bat-movies made to date. The movie starts with a terrific bang – a frantic pop that doesn’t slow […]

Let’s Talk About – Theology with Sam Norman

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are rejoined by the always awesome Sam Norman, and we are talking about theology! We’re looking at why theology is important, some different theological perspectives, and addressing in firm love ones we have some concern with. Just wanted to add one correction. In the podcast, I said […]

The Top 5 movies I’m most looking forward to from the 2nd half of 2018

These answers may shock you, heck, they’re shocking me. I’ll be straight up – I’m surprised by most of these. There are other movies coming out that will hopefully be excellent, but something in their marketing or premise is making me hesitant/iffy on them. Let me give some examples: I want to be stoked for Creed […]

Let’s Talk About Politics More with Sam Norman

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are rejoined by the fantastic Sam Norman, and we are talking about politics from a Christian perspective; namely voting, political discourse, and the importance of being roundly (not one-sidedly) informed. Also, as we’ve. mentioned before, we have a ko-fi site, which you can check out at by […]

Great pop-corn movies

Today’s very short post is brought to you by me wanting to talk about some wonderfully ridiculous, fantastic, dumb movies – Independence Day, Armageddon, and Volcano. I’ll be straight up, I love all three of these movies (admittedly, Independence Day and Armageddon more than Volcano, but still). They’re big, they’re dumb, they’re ridiculous – but they’re […]