An Evening With Mike Naulls


So I’ve been revisiting Steen’s Revenge a lot recently. Man, I’m proud of that movie and my involvement in it. It was a blast to be a part of and was one of the most fun things I’ve ever worked on. Every time I was on set was non-stop laughs between Mike, Danesh, Ruby, and myself. The thing I kind of realized the other day (that I hadn’t before) was how much my experiences with Steen (especially the stuff we did for extra’s) would shape my interests and hobbies going forward. Heck, if I had to pinpoint what got me interested in interviews (something that would eventually lead to my A Chat With series over on One Cross Street)  it would be the “An Evening With Mike Naulls…at two in the afternoon” and “An Evening II: Electric Bugaloo” videos. They were a video series where I interviewed life long friend and director Mike Naulls and Steen star Danesh Hanbury in 2012 and then Mike with Dasesh in 2014. The videos were a BLAST to do, and hopefully for any of you who watch them will be an insightful and interesting watch looking at the filmmaking (writing, directing, producing, editing) and acting processes.

Just a minor heads up for language, as there is some at points. If this is something that’ll bug you I wanna respect that and give you the heads up. Hope you enjoy.

Thank’s for watching/reading, and God bless my friends.