Being Thankful round 2 (FIGHT!!)

I could *not* resist putting that ‘FIGHT’ there. Seriously, as I was coming up with the title I could not stop hearing it (especially in that Mortal Kombat voice (MOORRTAAAALLL KOMBAT!!! Dodododododododo))… Anyways, as I write this I am listening to a strange mix of Metallica and the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, and it is getting me JACKED UP!!! Why did I share that? No idea. But let’s get to it.

So today’s short post is about (you guessed it) being thankful. And as always, there is much to be thankful to our awesome God for.

So a LOT has been going on lately. I got a new job at a local shelter, my wife and I just bought our first house, and I just finished a stretch of three weeks straight of work with no days off. With my new job since I’m on relief I essentially need to be ready to go to work at the drop of a dime if I can. I’ve got a lot of personal projects on the go/now on hold at the same time as well, so there is a lot happening. And this isn’t bad. None of this is, but it can be a lot of stress and easy to focus on the negative because of that stress.

Heck, I’ll give you a practical example: I’ve got a life long eye infection that acts up when I’m stressed or really tired (the latter of which has been a lot recently). The worst case scenario is that it will flare up – and as it does it will scar the cornea, and I will eventually lose (most of the) vision in my left eye. But praise God, that hasn’t happened yet and the thing is dormant still. But instead of focusing on the upsetting part of the possible eventuality, I can (and try to focus on being) thankful for the vision that I still have – the vision that God has blessed me with, and that I will (hopefully) have for quite some time.

Yes, we bought a house – so now more than ever money needs to be tight. But instead of focusing on that (and the stress that comes with it), and worrying about finances and work hours, I can focus on the fact that God has blessed me with two jobs, an incredibly supportive and giving family, and amazing friends.

It’s so easy for us to focus on the negative – and I’m not saying we should ignore that. But instead of ONLY focusing on that, we can find much to be thankful for in any situation – and for Christians, having a thankful attitude can create an avenue to point others to God.

This below essentially sums everything up:

what a privilege

Also, two more things. The first is that this typo free post was brought to you by Grammarly! Great app right there, free to add to your chrome (just plugging it cause it’s crazy cool). The second is our friends over at Cardboard Koinonia just shared a really interesting article (click me) about the history of board games, which is a great read. If you can, you should check it out.

Thanks for reading, hope and pray this was helpful and encouraging. God bless my friends.

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