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A Chat With Fran Purvis

Good afternoon friends! Today I am happy to share with you a new interview, one I got to conduct with a good friend of mine and missionary Fran Purvis. I met Fran back in high school years (good ol EYCI) in a ‘World Religions’ class. From there I had the pleasure of getting to know […]

A Chat with Pastor Darryl Bergen

  Good morning good people! This past week I had the opportunity to reconnect with a friend and former partner in ministry, Pastor Darryl Bergen. Darryl came to Calvary as the youth pastor at around the same time I was asked to lead the pape youth centre ministry. We would frequently meet up to discuss […]

A chat with Hallam Willis 

So this past week I had to opportunity to chat over email with an old and dear friend of mine Hallam Willis. Hal is someone I’ve known for much of my life; we were in sunday school together as kids (and then lost touch), were baptisted the same day, became close friends, worked in ministries […]

A Chat With Cameron Butryn

This past week I had the chance to (over facebook messenger – we live in an easy to contact age) chat with an old buddy of mine. He’s someone who I’ve known for ages,  hes’s a guy whose brain I like to pick, and quite frankly he’s a brother in Christ who inspired me to […]

A Chat with Caleb Lambshead

So this past week I had the opportunity to sit down with a good friend of mine, a brother in Christ (and in law), someone whose also in a group of guys who the Lord has used to have a huge impact on my life. Caleb and I went to the same church, and as […]

A chat with pastor Dave Lombardo

This week I had the opportunity over email (gotta love the internet) with a great brother in Christ; a very close friend, a mentor, and an accountability partner: Pastor Dave Lombardo. Dave is serving as the youth pastor at The People’s Church in Toronto, and had worked in partnership with Youth Unlimited for a number […]

A chat with Dr. Tom Lambshead

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with a dear friend; my father in law, and my former pastor and boss Dr Tom Lambshead. Tom is now an interim pastor at a local Waterdown church, as well as serving as the Director of Professional Development with Pioneers Canada. Dr. Lambshead has had a life […]