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Guest Post with Steve Lambert

Today I am *very* excited to share a guest post from one of my best friends and brothers in Christ, Pastor Steve Lambert. Steve is a gentleman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing as a friend for around 10 years, and aside from common friends and our faith one of the things that we bonded […]

A collection of other thoughts

Another round of overnight blogging. So last week I did post on One Cross Street that I’m going to do again here; like I said in that post things have been crazy busy recently with a lot of exciting things happening. That post was also a lot of fun to do – so I’m going to do […]

Spiderman: Homecoming (and my Spider-film rankings)

Late night blogging! I gotta stay up for a training shift overnight tomorrow night, so I’m writing while extremely tired…just five more hours then sweet sleep…I’m having Tim Hortons flashbacks…*shudders*. But I digress. Earlier this evening my wife and I decided to go check out the newest addition to the MCU, Spiderman: Homecoming. And I […]

Wonder Woman was wonderful.

Some titles just write themselves. Wonder Woman is easily the best film of the DCEU, but it deserves a better compliment than that, because frankly that’s not a challenge (Man of Steel was the only one that has been alright so far). Wonder Woman on the other hand  was a really good movie, as well as […]

My current top 10 worst/*most disappointing* comic book movies

Please note that asterisk up there. Some of the ones that I have at the bottom are indeed better films that some of the others, but it is the utter disappointment (be it in treatment or translation of character, for example) that the film gives that makes it (objectively) worse. Yes, Howard the Duck a […]

My current top 10 comic book movies

So this post is based on a list I shared awhile back on instagram – but now I’m gonna talk about why they are ranked this way.  Now upfront this isn’t a top 10 Marvel list (which I might make sometime) and features films from various franchises. It also doesn’t contain any animated movies – […]

For all its faults, I still really dig ‘Superman Returns’.

I’m writing this on a half a screen as I watch Supergirl (not the terrible spin-off movie from the Donner Superman series, the pretty good show on Netflix). Gotta love technology. And as I’m watching Supergirl, I’m like “man, I like this show, I like that it’s light and optimistic – things Superman should be.” […]

The Sony ‘Venom’ movie

I’m not gonna lie you guys, its difficult not to be pessamistic about this movie. I don’t like to be a negative nathan, but I don’t see how this movie can work or even be decent at all. So as it currently stands, it’s going to be released October 5th of 2018 – with no […]


  I went in expecting to like this movie and I left absolutely loving it. It may be my favourite X-Men movie, and it is hands down the best Wolverine movie. Gotta mention this right off the bat – Logan is rated R, and for very good reason. So any Christian parents who come across […]