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The 100th Episode!

WE DID IT GUS!  Today on One Cross Radio, we are CELEBRATING because we have hit 100 EPISODES! You can also check out that awesome Christian Geek Podcast list by clicking here! Hope you enjoy, THANK YOU, and God bless my friends!

Let’s Talk About – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re looking at the often mocked but really enjoyable The Lost World: Jurassic Park. If you like what we do, and feel like you can, here are some cool ways you can support us financially: Our Redbubble Store – here you can get some sweet merch (or swag as the […]

Let’s Talk About – The Mighty Ducks

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are knuckle-pucking and flying v-ing our way through the three mighty ducks movies!  Also, be sure to check out our Patreon! Hope you enjoy, and God bless my friends!

Let’s Rank Star Wars with Mike Naulls

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are rejoined by Mike ‘The Dumpster’ Naulls, and we are ranking the films of the Star Wars franchise…excluding Rise of Skywalker, cause at the time of recording, we hadn’t seen it yet. A big-time thank you is owed to Christian Dobson for editing today’s episode, because of […]

Let’s Talk About – The Rise of Skywalker

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re sharing our thoughts about The Rise of Skywalker – which was recorded a little over an hour after seeing the film for the first time. What were your thoughts on Rise of Skywalker? Did it stick the landing? Let us know in the comments below! Hope you […]

Let’s Watch – A Goofy Movie

Happy new year and Guttentag homies! On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are sharing our first watch along episode ever – featuring the wonderful, underrated classic of a Goofy Movie (we also thought it would be a nice break from being bombarded with Star Wars…before we bombard you with Star Wars) – which, […]

Funko’s & Other Collectables

Let’s Talk About – Star Wars with the Lambert’s and the Cooke’s

Happy new year! We’re still on our break and will be back to our regularly scheduled programming, but we couldn’t wait to share this! Last night, our dear friends the Lambert’s and my wonderful wife and I decided to do a Star Wars podcast while we were celebrating new years. Spoilers are inbound for both […]

A Chat With Becky from Redeemed Otaku

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are joined by the wonderful and fun Becky from Redeemed Otaku! Sit back and enjoy as Becky shares with us her awesome testimony, some of her great experiences, favourite anime, why she enjoys The Last Jedi, some of her favourite Christmas specials, and more! As mentioned in […]

Derailed – A Conversation With Five Friends pt 2

On today’s second part episode of One Cross Radio, we are rejoined by longtime homies Mike “The Dumpster”, Christian, Tommy, and Darko! As per usual, our conversation goes all over the place – from politics to documentaries and to many other heavy and light topics! Hope you enjoy today’s episode, and God bless my friends!