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Let’s Talk About – Star Wars Fan Productions

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re looking at some of our favourite fan productions from Star Wars – including full films made with games, scene recreations, trailer updates, and an anime short! Will you check out the stuff we suggested? Is there something we missed? What are some of your favourite Star Wars […]

Let’s Rank The Star Trek Film Franchise

On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we are ranking the 13 films of the Star Trek film franchise from worst/least enjoyable to best/most enjoyable. We recognize some of ours will be controversial. Hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and God bless my friends! PS: Please don’t hate us.

Ranking the Star Trek movies part 4 – The Franchise Ranked

  Over the last month or so I’ve been ranking the films of the Star Trek film franchise from worst to best in each of its three areas; The Kelvin Timeline, The Next Generation, and The Original Series. Each has some good and some bad (and some awful) films, but where do they all stand […]

Ranking the Star Trek movies part 3 – The Original Series era

And we’re back! So last time we looked at the four films with the crew of The Next Generation, and the time before that we looked at the three films of the Kelvin timeline. Today, we’re going to look at the six films (from worst to best) that feature the original crew of the USS […]

Ranking the Star Trek movies part 2 – The Next Generation

Last time we ranked the (currently) three films from directors JJ Abrams and Justin Lin that make up the Kelvin Timeline. Today, we’re going to look at the four films (from worst to best) that make up (and contain my favourite crew of the Enterprise) The Next Generation chapter of the film franchise. 4) Star […]

Ranking the Star Trek movies part 1 – The Kelvin Timeline

So over the past couple weeks, I’ve been on a big Star Trek kick – like a really big one. I’ve been rewatching TNG and DS9, rereading some IDW comics (including a great one explaining how Khan became how he was in Into Darkness), and revisiting the film franchise…which leads us to today’s post. Over […]

A Collection of thoughts 4: Collection & Thoughts

I really couldn’t figure out what title to go with – should it be the Star Wars (which we’ll be looking at) reference, or a poke at The Fast And Furious’s funny trend of just switching up its titles in confusing and funny ways (here’s to Fast 9: Furious Family). A lot of movie news […]

So I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek recently

Today’s mini post is brought to you by; me wanting to write about something, and that something is Star Trek. Let’s just dive in. The Seige of Ar-588 from DS9 is possibly one of the best eps of Trek. Moody (but not overly dramatic) music, a tense atmosphere, some great lines from Quark, great acting […]

Other comic based Netflix series I wish could happen.

I’m *loving* most of the super hero shows on Netflix. In fact, in some aspects I prefer them over the movies to be honest. One of the biggest flaws (with few exceptions) of the MCU films is the lack of time to develop the villains – a problem you don’t get so much with the […]

Star Trek: Discovery

So the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery was released…and…eh, it didn’t win me over any more to the show. It probably made me less excited for it actually. Not that it’s a bad trailer (it was alright…and MAN are there bad trailers out there…which after The Force Awakens trailer (amazing trailer that only showed things […]