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Check yourself (before you wreck yourself)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here something that wasn’t an interview. It’s been a bit of an up and down time, and I don’t know about y’all – but when its like that, I tend to plug myself into other/lighter/non-self reflective things. But God is good (that just needs to be said, always, […]

A podcast about porn

Today’s post is a link to an excellent podcast about the issue of pornography, which a dear brother in Christ sent me this morning; you can listen to by clicking this link right here. Guys and gals (ladies and gents…dudes and dudettes), I seriously cannot recommend this podcast enough – you should really go an listen. […]

Free Speech

  I remember having a conversation with some friends from church a couple of years ago. One was upset that there was a sign on the TTC from an atheist organization and thought it shouldn’t be allowed, but were thrilled there was a sign from a Christian organization. But even though I disagreed with the atheist ad, the truth was clear […]

The importance of church family

I will be straight up; I have not been going to church as much as I should – and I have not been plugged in. This isn’t good. It’s not okay. This is however something I am working on, and ask that you keep me in your prayers in this area. Twice in the last […]

Visiting Narnia

Now unfortunately, not literally. No secret paths were found in my closet or dryer (which would explain where that one sock always disappears to). But I’ll be honest, between my last post and this one I’ve been really constantly reading into or about Narnia (barring a day reading an excellent Power Rangers comic). I want […]

The Chronicles of Narnia (the movies)

Sometimes, I like writing or talking about lighter things. Entertaining things. Anyone who knows me knows one of my biggest interests/passions is film. So over the past couple of days, my  amazing wife and I revisited the Chronicles of Narnia film series from Disney/Walden and then Fox/Walden (which will soon be getting a reboot with […]

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Attached below is one of my favourite Christmas specials/movies (in this case, TV movie) ever. My aunt recorded it on TV, we’d play it every year on Christmas Eve while we decorated the tree at her place, and then I’d borrow the tape and watch it like 5 times on Christmas day. Pretty sure I […]

Whats been up

Before we literally turn the clocks back later tonight, let me figuratively turn them back now. It has been a lot longer between posts than I would have liked – but to be straight up with you, life has been crazy. Since I last wrote I had to quit my overnight job, Jill and I […]


I’ll be straight up and honest – I haven’t really planned out this post, and I don’t quite know where it’s going. But it’s 4:38am, and I need a distraction. A good distraction. One that hopefully stimulates thoughts that points to the Lord. So this is a topic that there’s SO MANY ways to come […]

Being Thankful

So  I’m  pretty sure this is something most (dare I say all) Christians have struggled with at some point or another (or possibly even constantly) – being thankful. And to be straight up; lately I’ve been having a bit/a lot of trouble being thankful – which when I actually stop and think about it is […]