Places To Check Out

Churches - These are churches I can easily recommend teaching from, and have had the blessing of being at/knowing people involved with. Some really solid sermons and teaching can be found here:

St Clair Community Church

Calvary Church

Forward Baptist

Upper Room Community Church Vaughn

Vertical Church


Other websites - these are websites we've (and will again, probably) linked to several times over the years:

Cardboard Koinonia

Faith and Fandom Podcast

Pop Culture Coram Deo

T4G's website - I was blessed with the opportunity to go to T4G (the Together for the Gospel conference) back in 2014 and was blown away by the teaching. I haven't had the chance to go since, but the website added videos from last weeks conference after they were complete, and features messages and panels from previous years. Some excellent biblical teaching and content can be found here.

Cameron Butryn's Blog - Cam hasn't updated in quite awhile, but his posts are still excellent and worth a read.

Dave Lombardo's website - Our friend Dave is in the process of rebuilding his site, but it had some excellent content with a great biblical perspective. Definitely keep an eye on this page.

Bookstooge's Reviews on the Road - Bookstoge is an awesome gent I've gotten to know over wordpress, and he has a huge passion for books. He reviews books, comics, and at times movies in depth and explains his points clearly. He adds content frequently and would be worth checking out - especially if you like books.

Melissa Miller's Blog - Melissa is a good friend of mine, who has a wonderful blog. She writes about fashion, experiences, and struggles as a mother, and about her faith in Jesus.

Comics Explained - An excellent youtube channel from Rob Jefferson worth checking out (and subscribing to) if you're new (or if you've had a lifelong interest) to comics. There are many videos exploring characters histories, as well as the histories of teams, storylines, publications, and legal rights. If you're sensitive to swearing I'd give just a minor heads up - it happens sometimes, but not often at all. Well worth a view.