Places To Check Out

Churches – These are churches I can easily recommend teaching from, and have had the blessing of being at/knowing people involved with. Some really solid sermons and teaching can be found here:

St Clair Community Church

Calvary Church

Forward Baptist

Upper Room Community Church Vaughn

Vertical Church

Other great stuff – these are websites/channels/podcasts we’ve (and will again, probably) linked to several times over the years (and think are awesome):

Cardboard Koinonia

Faith and Fandom Podcast

Pop Culture Coram Deo

Geeks Under Grace

T4G’s website

Mel Payne’s Blog

Redeemed Otaku Podcast

Love Thy Nerd

Dave Lombardo’s website

Melissa Miller’s Blog 

Comics Explained

Where you can support us financially:

If you like what we do, enjoy our content, and feel like you can – here are two places and ways you can financially support us:

Our Redbubble Store – here you can get some sweet merch (or swag as the kids used to say) for a good price, and you get a good quality something for supporting us.

Our Ko-fi Page – here you can just donate to us, any amount – from a cup of coffee to several of them and beyond.

All financial support would go towards website and podcast expenses (eg: logos, travel, new equipment/software, GoDaddy and podbean costs, etc). Any amount is helpful and incredibly appreciated.