The Sony ‘Venom’ movie

I’m not gonna lie you guys, its difficult not to be pessamistic about this movie. I don’t like to be a negative nathan, but I don’t see how this movie can work or even be decent at all.

So as it currently stands, it’s going to be released October 5th of 2018 – with no attatched director, no attatched cast, and no finished script. To get this thing done they’re gonna have to fast track it – and outside of X-Men First Class, I can’t think of a good fast tracked comic movie. However, there have been noticable bad ones – like Suicide Squad and the most recent Fantastic Four.

Heck, you’d hope Sony would learn from their own mistakes with Amazing Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3 – take your time, make a good movie, and people will see it. If you rush it, or over fill it, or do fan favourite characters poorly (something Fox learned the hard way with X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Deadpool and Gambit, something Sony should have learned from Spidey 3) or try to set up a shared universe in a single film – it all doesn’t work. In the case of Venom, its rushed nature really hinders the potential for a good story (or good production, or post…or anything really).

It’s probably not connected to the MCU, which makes no sense at all. You can’t have a Venom (or Carnage, for that matter) without Spiderman – the character loses its motivations, its base powers; its reason for existing. On top of those, it looses access to other characters that enriches Venoms story’s. This decision simply makes no sense.

The only reason I can think of it being not connected is that it’s rumoured to be rated R, and Sony wants to cash in on the money that Deadpool and Logan showed is available. The thing is though, unless its featuring Carnage it doesn’t really need to be rated R. Venom can (and has, and most of the time does) exist in a PG-13 environment.

Yes, certain stories and characters would need an R rated film to be done properly – and those ones should be, but thats not the majority. If it’s just R for the sake of R (and violent for the sake of violence) its lessening its own financial and critical gain (and I’d say is just plain dumb).

If Sony were to play the long game with Venom; introduce him through the MCU Spiderman, and actually establish his character – they could make more money in the long run. Proper stories could be told. And the character that many fans love could be done justice.

Fan satisfaction helps a lot and leads to good word of mouth; when fans aren’t satisfied, it can lead to bad results for the film. Ask Fantastic Four and Origins: Wolverine.

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