Up in the Air


Heads up; there will be run-on sentences coming.

As I write this, my amazing wife and I are several thousand feet in the air – she reading an ebook (which one, I don’t know, it’s just not Jurassic Park) and I watching a HILARIOUS episode of Star Trek Voyager called Blood Fever.

Last time I posted, we were about a week away from leaving for a trip to Europe – and we’re currently (a bit sadly, I’ll admit) on our way home back to Canada. This trip has been a blessing from the Lord in innumerable ways; many possibilities to pursue or look into and to lift to God in prayer were discovered or discussed, opportunities to visit places of rich history, stunning scenery, GREAT people, fantastic conversations with brothers and sisters in Christ – the content of which can be seen in an excellent blog post from my boy Cameron Butryn at his blog here, as well as eating some out of this world food (endorphin’s were firing on bite one y’all). We saw the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Notre Dam, the London Eye, Big Ben, the wonder that is Bath (and the great people and family within), the Giants Causeway, met new people/made new friends, made great memories (such as playing the most foul including, almost glasses breaking, elbow to face, and hurt wrist inducing game of ‘night before the wedding day’ basketball), and the absolute blessing of seeing two close friends unite in marriage – and then have the most fun at a wedding we may have ever had. This was a GREAT trip, and I cannot say it enough – I am SO thankful to the Lord for blessing Jill and I with the opportunity to go.

So in closing, I wanted to share some of my takeaways from the trip. The first was during a period of about two weeks, we stayed with two different families – 5 days in Bath with my cousins, and about 5 days in Ballymoney Northern Ireland with the brides family. And with both those families I saw 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 in practice in SPADES you guys. Like it was insane how much so. They were so loving, kind, and giving. We Canadians there realized ‘we’re stereotyped as nice – but we’re not nice. We’re just polite. These people are nice’. It was inspiring to see how much these people lived the kindness aspect of the Christian faith.

The second take away was something I’ve previously blogged about; *we serve a God who answers our prayers* (link to past blog post). Throughout the entirety of the trip we were not only told by loved ones to keep bringing our desires to the Lord daily – we got to hear firsthand how God has been answering our prayers for others – and that was incredibly encouraging to see and hear. And the final, in our face the entire time takeaway; our God is a great and loving God.

May the Lord bless you all. Take care.

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